"We enjoy working out and laughing.  We make sure one another show up and we love feeling more limber with stronger muscles." 

~Billie and Lois

functional fitness

From preparing for river rafting expeditions in Chatanooga to hiking in Hot Springs, we have all the technology and all the service you need to be your best.  Whether it be bridal boot camps or competition training we strive to add information, entertainment and fun to get you and keep you living life to the fullest,


Our goals are long term, but our contracts are not.  Freeze or reactivate

your membership at no cost.



Seniors and Students=$25/month

conditioning & core Training

Heart-Rate monitoring equipment allows you to either build stamina or lose weight with interval training and a variety of medicine balls and thera- balls improve your balance.


Upon joining FIT 24/7 our staff will objectively measure your current health by measuring your height, weight, percent body fat, total lung capacity, flexibility, blood pressure, training heart rate and girth at various target areas to design your individualized workout.

focused individualized training 24/7

This 24-hour family workout center designs a personalized fitness program to improve cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and balance.  Customized circuit training includes treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing and elliptical machines within a cardio theater with free weights, cables, thera-balls, medicine balls and personalized instruction for patients and the public with convenient hours and location.

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"After relieving stress from a long day at work, I feel younger and more energized to do things around the house"

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