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commonly treated conditions

Neck Pain


Food Sensitivities

Hip and Knee Pain

Herniated Discs

Sports Injuries

Shoulder Dysfunction

Leg Pain/Sciatica

Myofascial Pain

Carpal Tunnel

Jaw Pain

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our results

The key to any successful clinic is achieving long-term results for patients in an efficient time frame so they want to refer more challenging cases.  Our clinic's growth is based on our doctor's ability to deliver such results.  Click on the the link below to see just a few of the patient's who have wanted to share their success stories.  Success Stories

Our staff wants to see our patients free of pain while achieving optimal function and health.

Our Philosophy

Chiropractic, nutrition and physical fitness evolves because our staff possesses a true passion for improving the physical well- being of our patients and the community.  Operating under an active care philosophy, we employ tailored treatment programs to meet the acute needs of our patient community.  In addition to our in-office care, we equip patients with therapeutic exercises to help maximize performance while minimizing the risk  of recurring injuries.  By providing evidence-based, individualized treatment programs coupled with active patient participation our patients enjoy unparalleled care at a reasonable cost.  Patients may convert over to the wellness side of the facility in St. Clair's FIT 24/7 to receive customized assessment and direction to achieve goals pertaining to cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, core and balance to improve their health. 

our approach

Balanced Solutions Healthcare is a unique manual care center.  We offer an evidence-based, integrated approach to patient health care, which includes:

  • Adjustment techniques from the Motion Palpation Institute, a bio-mechanically superior evidence-based joint manipulation protocol. (To learn more about the Motion Palpation Institute visit http;//
  • Acupuncture to expedite the goals of pain relief and symptom reduction.
  • Muscle manipulation based on the medically proven Active Release Technique.
  • Rehabilitation and simple therapeutic exercises
  • Timely nutrition counseling and supplement management.
  • Exercises and wellness programs to complement the goals of acute rehabilitation.

The rationale for employing an integrated health care approach, rather than following traditional chiropractic treatment programs, is based on clinical research.  Each patient is unique, requiring equally distinctive treatment programs.  While adjusting is important, it's only one care tool.  Some patients require adjusting, others benefit from muscular manipulation and a majority of our patients require a combination of joint manipulation, muscular therapy, rehabilitation techniques and proper supplementation.