hcg weight Loss

"This was before I lost and kept off 58 pounds and my wife has kept off 32 pounds." RC

operation clean stream

Dr. Coleman and local boy scouts annually work to keep 2 sections of the Meramac clean for recreation.

family wellness

"From neck pain to nutrition our life has improved by the chiropractic treatment received at this office. DW"


"I came in for low back pain not expecting to get relief from chronic headaches." KP


He is healthier, happier and better able to benefit from his traditional therapies." LB

in the news‚Äč

busy in the clinic and in the community

Balanced Solutions Healthcare not only strives for healthier patients but for a healthier, more vibrant community.  Below are just a few examples.

freedom fest 5K

This annual race promotes wellness, exercise and beautification of the community while giving thanks to the troops who have served our country.

unexplained allergies

"Other doctors and I were unable to identify the cause of my reaction until testing with NAET."  AK.

d.O.T physicals & Drug Screens

Value pricing is able to save companies and drivers money for the required testing and compliance.

low back Pain

"I came in with pain down my leg and after the first visit I was 75% pain free and 95% after the 2nd visit."  MP

senior wellness

Staff lead exercise class each Wednesday and Friday at St. Clair Senior Center (9:30am)

knee pain

"Not just growing pains, I can now run, ski, kick without complaining."  R.A.

referrals are welcome

it is the best way for us to monitor that we are providing optimal care for our existing patients

state champions

"Since beginning treatment, I recover faster from injuries and have 8 state medals to prove it" AS

wrist pain

"Injuries with concrete construction limited my motorbike riding, now I am pain free in both."  EZ

scoliosis tests

"Not ju

Annual screening at junior high schools teaches better posture and joint function.


St. Clair, Union and Sullivan High School Athletics team physician since 2001

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stomach bloating

"Thanks to the NAET treamtent I can now eat ice cream without punishing cramps."  BH

m.s. research

Staff and patients participate annually in September in the MS150 bike ride to raise awareness for the nerve disease

mid back pain

"Not ju

"Treatment helped with my stiffness between my shoulder blades--and the staff is great."-D.H

pedal the Puzzle

This charity provides treatment directly to families seeking to treat the causes of symptoms of autism spectrum disorders.

scholar athletes

Annual recognition of athletes with a GPA greater than 3.7 and "Top Dogs", highest GPA in each sport..

amateur wrestling

"After dislocating my shoulder, rehab allowed me to do both my work and hobbies without pain" AH

posture pictures

Annual posture picture reveal possible functional deficits that can lead to pain.


"You worked miracles with our children's colic  Now everyone can sleep at night." B&G T.

shoulder Pain

"Two and a half years of constant right shoulder and arm pain was relieved in a few treatments."  MT